Case Studies

Local Gym went viral on Instagram and gained recognition as “The Best Gym in Town”

Service: SMM for Local Gym in Arizona

Los Campeones is a local gym located in the Tempe area, specializing in powerlifting and bodybuilding workouts. The gym has a strong commitment to supporting the local community and providing healthy vegetarian meals. However, the client was struggling with maintaining a social media presence and consistent content creation due to the absence of an SMM/marketing team. With the owner spending most of their time managing the gym and training clients, there was little left over to build online relationships with potential clients and stay on top of social media. As a result, this led to a weakening of the gym’s brand image and profitability.

As a member of the gym, I was impressed by its friendly atmosphere and unique approach to training. After understanding the client’s situation, I proposed a custom social media strategy that included creating content with gym members and hosting new events to promote the gym.

To efficiently increase engagement and gain new followers organically, I recommended using reels as the main type of content. As a result of this approach, 85% of the reels were viral for this account. Additionally, the gym started hosting local sports competitions and weekly food trucks to attract new potential customers. These efforts helped the gym gain recognition as “The Best Gym in Town,” establish a strong social media presence and increase the number of clients.

Amanda’s podcast was ranked #217 out of 2.7 million podcasts on Apple in the first 2 weeks of the launch

Service: SMM and Content Strategy for the TikTok account

Amanda Malcolm is a luxury real estate agent in Arizona who decided to launch her podcast about women empowerment. She was struggling with creating an efficient TikTok content strategy and consistent content creation to promote her podcast. Amanda was spending so much time recording the podcast, there was little time left to build and create content to promote the podcast.

My objective was to develop and implement a content strategy that would be both efficient and effective in promoting her podcast without requiring her time for content creation. I devised an innovative strategy that involved posting 2-3 videos on TikTok daily, complete with SEO optimization, keywords, hashtags, and trends to ensure that her content was valuable, relatable, and would attract her target audience.

As a result, the first episode of Amanda’s podcast received 158 downloads in the first week alone, placing it in the top 25% of all podcasts. Additionally, the podcast was ranked #217 out of 2.7 million podcasts on Apple. Thanks to the exposure on TikTok, Amanda was able to efficiently promote her podcast and attract more views, ultimately boosting its success.

Diana posts 90+ content pieces every month resulting in an increase in the number of followers and sales of digital products

Service: Full-service SMM for TikTok and Instagram

Diana Marks, an eminent luxury lifestyle, travel, and car influencer, has made a significant impact on the social media world through her TikTok and Instagram accounts. Despite her prominent presence, she encountered difficulty maintaining a consistent posting schedule due to her demanding schedule. Our objective was to devise a content strategy that would necessitate minimal content production time for the client while simultaneously increasing her follower count and driving sales for her online coaching business.

To meet this challenge, we crafted a groundbreaking TikTok strategy featuring 60-80 videos per month, enabling the client to spend only two hours per week recording some of the videos. Our content was meticulously optimized with keywords, hashtags, and trends to ensure the best possible performance. Furthermore, we employed an innovative approach for her Instagram by repurposing her existing content to produce 90 pieces of content each month without requiring the client to invest additional time in content creation.

As a result of our efforts, Diana Marks experienced a surge in her social media presence, with an impressive increase in her follower count and a marked uptick in sales for her online coaching business. Our cutting-edge content strategy provided a streamlined and efficient solution that enabled our client to continue achieving her goals while freeing up time to focus on other important aspects of her business.